Just a JSON Viewer

Free, privacy-friendly browser extension. Dark and light modes. No special permissions required. No ads. No 3rd party trackers.

JSON viewer extension

Google Chrome Extension

View formatted and highlighted JSON

A lot of extensions out there require browser permissions to access your browsing history, bookmarks, and other sensitive data. This extension doesn't. It's privacy-friendly, contains no ads and has no 3rd party trackers.

Extension screenshot
View JSON responses.
Nicely formatted and highlighted output making it easy to read.
Format JSON documents.
Copy-paste JSON documents to quickly format them.
Automatically fixes common errors.
Like trailing commas, missing quotes, etc.
Dark and light modes.
Choose the one that suits you best.
No special permissions.
For such a simple task, you shouldn't have to give up your privacy.
Memory efficient.
It doesn't run in the background when you don't need it.

Why it's free?

HeroTofu consists of both free and paid products. If you like the extension, please consider supporting the project by checking out the forms backend solution.

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