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1 Free sticky bars and popups for your site.2 Developer friendly, works with your framework.3 Really fast and lightweight. No 3rd party tracking.

  "type": "bar",
  "content": {
    "headline": "Stop! One last chance!",
    "subheadline": "50% off coupon",
    "text": "Save up to $199 with coupon code \"awesome\". Use it for buying any of our products.",
    "cta": "Apply coupon now",
    "ctaLink": "",
    "secondaryCta": "deal ends this midnight",
    "image": "",
    "imageWidth": "46",
    "imageHeight": "48"
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sticky bars are also known as hello bars

Sticky Bars

Sticky header and footer bars that move along with your site's visitors as they scroll.

Sticky modals/popups

Popup notifications that grab the visitor's attention when needed.

Designed for developers
100% customizable

Create your sticky bar/popup via UI. Update it anytime via UI. Or override individual values with code. Or wipe out everything and use 100% of your HTML.

All expected features:

  • UI to adjust your sticky content/appearance.
  • Smart merge of UI and in-code config.
  • CTAs as links or inline forms.
  • GDPR compliant (doesn't use cookies).
  • Country / OS / Browser-based targeting.
  • Page load / Delay / Scroll / Click / Exit intent triggers.
  • HTML / React / NextJS example guides.
  • ... and more.

Works with your framework

Whenever you're using static HTML or a fancy SPA framework like NextJS, we got you covered.

Convert your visitors into users

Use sticky bars to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, or download your app.

Advanced filtering and targeting

Show your sticky bars and popups based on the country, operating system, or browser. Trigger them on page load, delay, scroll, click, or exit intent.

Stay compliant

Sticky bars and popups don't use cookies and don't track your visitors by default.

14 days free trial
14 days free trial

No credit card; no commitment; no risk. Or stick to the free plan.

We care about your users too

Fast and lightweight

  • ~10kb gzipped.
  • Usually loads in 50-100ms.
  • Doesn't call any 3rd party scripts.
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Freemium, with optional paid plans

How it's free?

Use it for free

In that case, you'll get a sticky bar with a small link to HeroTofu. Ideal for hobby projects, non-commercial sites, and personal blogs.

Or as low as $8.33/mo

If you want to remove attribution, get the Pro plan. It's $99/year or $9.99/month. You'll get all the form endpoint features too.

Business plan, anyone?

The business plan includes premium support and up to a million daily impressions. All the bells and whistles from form endpoints are included too.

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