How to Build WordPress Form Without a Plugin

WordPress contact form
WordPress Form + Contact Form

WordPress plugins can slow down your site or even expose you to security risks. Also, they're not highly customizable.

See how HeroTofu solves all these problems for you.

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Build an HTML Form That Sends You an Email

HTML form that sends you an email
HTML Form + Free Email

HeroTofu is by far the most trustful way to create an HTML form that sends you an email.

You also have the advantages of setting up custom email notifications, bot prevention, and forwarding leads to your own CMS.

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React Send Email - Free And Without Server

React Send Email
React / NextJS + Free Email

React's primary purpose is to be running in browsers. Because of that, it has quite a few limitations. A good example would be sending emails.

So the question is, how to send emails from React without a backend?

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React Contact Form - Sent via Email

Forms Example
React / NextJS + Contact Form

This guide will show you how to make a nice-looking and elegant form with React. Contact form creation in React shouldn't be a tedious task.

If you think smart, your codebase can be a lot cleaner with the fronted-only code.

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