Painless form endpoints for any developer

1 Works with your css/js framework.2 Receive email notifications (or forward to Zapier).3 Generous free tier, upgrade anytime.

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No library, no 3rd party dependencies

Easy to work with

Get your endpoint URL. Update the form's `action` attribute. Start collecting submissions.

All expected features:

  • AES 256-bit form data encryption.
  • Submissions forwarding.
  • Spam/bots prevention.
  • Thank you pages.
  • File uploads.
  • Data export.
  • Autoreply.
  • ... and more.

Forms backend

Connect your HTML form and securely collect submissions. It perfectly integrates into your static website and matches your design.

Spam/bots prevention

Proprietary bots prevention, honeypots, Akismet, and Google reCAPTCHA v3. We have it all, so your submissions will stay spam-free.

Submissions routing

Forget other expensive tools and start routing your submissions in HeroTofu. You can check the visitor country, browser, or submitted fields. Notify your sales team of the best leads right away.

File uploads

Collect files from your visitors. The files are stored on our servers, and you can download them anytime.

14 days free trial
14 days free trial

No credit card; no commitment; no risk. Or stick to the free plan.

React/Vue/NextJS/Gatsby - it works everywhere

Boost your productivity

  • Focus on your app and business logic.
  • Send data as a regular HTML form or POST it as JSON.
  • Spam/bots handling, file uploads, submissions routing, autoreply, thank you pages, and more.

Ideal for static sites but work with any technology

Use your favorite framework and send all the data via a standard <form> tag or API call. Designed for static sites but works with any framework and language.

Store submissions locally or route them further

Store encrypted submissions and download them later. Or immediately forward them via email/Slack/Zapier, leaving no traces on the HeroTofu. Your data, your choice.

Slack and Zapier integrations, custom thank you pages

Get notified immediately via email, Slack, or in 5000+ apps via Zapier. Automatically forward selected leads to your colleagues.

Forward submissions to different places

Route submissions by country, OS, or any form field

Routing via UI

Leave your code clean. Set the custom rules and combine them with AND/OR groups. Change them anytime.

It's flexible

Rules are set based on the country, operating system, or submitted form fields.


Forward each submission to its Slack channel, custom Zapier zap, or dedicated email inbox.

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14 days, no credit card, no commitment. Stay on a free plan if that's enough for you.

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