Build Forms Quickly And With Ease

1 Use your own frontend code, any css/js framework.2 Receive email notifications & route to your CMS.3 Unlimited compliance API of GDPR/CCPA.

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Form submissions handling is not an easy task

Build marketing campaigns faster

Make engineering work easier with secure and developer-friendly APIs. Save time with integrated flows to forward your leads to the sales team.

  • Forms Backend with built-in Encryption
  • Integrated Lead Routing
  • GDPR/CCPA Visitor Check API
  • Bot Detection API

Forms Backend

Connect your HTML form and securely collect submissions. Perfectly integrates into your static website and matches your design.

GDPR/CCPA Visitor Check

Developer-friendly API to check visitor country regulations based on the anonymized IP address.

Lead Routing

Forget other expensive tools and start routing your leads in HeroTofu. You can check the visitor country, browser, or any of the submitted fields. Notify your sales team of the best leads right away.

Bot Detection

Quickly check whenever a visitor might be an obvious bot. Don't include it in your marketing metrics.

14 days free trial
14 days free trial

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React/Vue/NextJS/Gatsby - it works everywhere

Boost your productivity

  • Use any frontend framework. Have a regular HTML form or POST the data.
  • Spambots handling, file uploads, leads routing, and custom thank you pages.
  • Forward selected leads further to Google Spreadsheets, Salesforce, or your CRM.
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Works with any technology but perfect for static sites

Use your favorite framework and send all the data via a standard <form> tag or API call. Designed for static sites but works with any framework and language.

Store submissions locally, or route them further

Store encrypted submissions and download them later. Or immediately forward them via email/Slack/Zapier, leaving no traces on the HeroTofu. Your data, your choice.

Slack and Zapier integrations, custom thank you pages

Get notified immediately to email, Slack, or via 3000+ apps on Zapier. Automatically forward selected leads to your sales team.

Route different leads with ease

APIs for easier consent

gdpr checker

GDPR/CCPA Visitor Check

Know when you likely need to comply with the GDPR/CCPA before the form is submitted.

Anonymous Visitor Country

Get the visitor's country from an anonymized IP. Deliver the correct, translated content.

Bot Detection

Realize whenever a visitor is likely a bot even before rendering your form.

Visitor Browser & OS

Differentiate your content based on the visitor's device or operating system.

Help sales people to prioritize their work

Route leads after form submission

Routing via UI

After the lead submits your form, set custom rules to forward the data. Use multiple rules, and combine them with AND/OR filters. The choice is yours.

It's flexible

Rules are set based on the country, operating system, or any of the submitted form fields. Change anytime without modifying your code.


Send each lead to its Slack channel, custom Zapier zap, or email. Then, notify your sales team and redirect the lead to the thank you page.

Custom rules for sales & marketing teams

Doesn't require code changes
lead routing interface screenshotFull size of lead routing interface screenshot
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